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Internet and Social Network use at work............

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Internet and Social Network use at work

A recent survey shows that 64% of workers are using the Internet and social media for personal use for up to an hour per day, with 14% wasting 3 or more hours per day.

It's not just the time wasted by your employees, there are many documented cases where an employee has posted something that has caused serious damage to a company's reputation.  The first step is to ensure that you have a social media policy in place and that all of your staff are aware of it.

Also, any employee downloading illegal software onto a company computer can render the company liable for prosecution, as well as increasing the risk of downloading malware and putting your business out of action.

O&H have solutions to manage Internet access and give you the level of monitoring and control that your company needs, in many cases the cost is soon paid for by the increase in productivity.  We can help you formulate a plan that gives you the level of control that your company needs.

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