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Why planning for a disaster is so important.............

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Why planning for a disaster is so important.

Here is a quote from the MD of a company recently affected by a disaster: -

"There were some things that we hadn't thought seriously enough about, because nobody ever really thinks that a disaster will happen to them. We thought that we would never lose some applications or that we could live without them if they did fail, but it turned out that we really couldn't."

Although it's impossible to plan for every eventuality, the more thought that goes into the plan, the greater it's chance of success.  As well as producing a comphrensive plan, it is vital that the plan is updated and tested regularly.  IT changes very quickly and any changes in your systems need to be reflected in the plan.

The plan should be kept somewhere it is easy to find - storing it electronically on your file server is probably not the best place to store it, so store electronic and physical copies in several off-site locations.

Cloud solutions have many advantages when it comes to DR as they can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, so homes and coffee shops can keep your business running during the disaster.

Here is a quote from a company where all the planning paid off: -

“The vast majority of staff could operate as normal with little visible evidence to the outside world that there was a problem. There were very few instances where specific tasks had to be delayed until the office became usable again. Communication was particularly noted as a positive factor with staff being kept informed of what was going on at all times”.

Which result would you rather have?

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