Quality IT Services

You are in safe hands

Quality IT Services

You are in safe hands

Meet the Team

Edward Chapman

Edward Chapman, IT Account Manager

Time at Oughtred & Harrison: 17 years.

My responsibilities:I manage client accounts, advising them on IT packages and services and dealing with any issues they may have that need resolving. Building good relationships and understanding their needs is key to making my job a success.

What I do away from work: I support Hull City and try to go to many games, and I also enjoy playing golf as a member of Brough Golf Club. I also enjoy Karate and am currently working my way through my belts.

Why I like working here: Oughtred and Harrison is a good, family-run business that has looked after me. There is a good atmosphere in the team and we are able to laugh and enjoy our work.

Ash Corbett

Ash Corbett, Network Engineer

Time at Oughtred & Harrison: 7 years.

My responsibilities: I build and implement firewalls and security systems in businesses’ IT systems. Every business has a different need and I assess what they require for the amount of usage and traffic they hold, and build them what they want.

What I do away from work: I enjoy ice hockey and coach the junior under-10s for Hull Stingrays. I have been a big Chelsea supporter all my life, but I also enjoying playing computer games, sci-fi and comics.

Why I like working here: It is a good environment to work in, and I like the pressure. When I take a call and someone has a problem with their IT system, it is usually a case of them wanting it fixed and back up and running yesterday, so the pressure is on to find the problem and resolve it. It is satisfying to do that.

Dave Bell

Dave Bell, Account manager

Time at Oughtred & Harrison: 14 years.

My responsibilities: I look after new customers and I am often the first point of contact for new people turning to Oughtred and Harrison for their IT needs. It is my job to find out about the client’s business needs and what support options are available.

What I do away from work: I like to travel the world. My wife and I never visit the same place twice as we like to experience new things and explore what the world has to offer. I also play guitar, both electric and classical, and like to listen to rock music.

Why I like working here: I like dealing with customers. I am a people person and we have many long standing customers who are not just clients but also friends. That is a good way to do business.

Matthew Ralph

Matthew Ralph, Help desk Manager

Time at Oughtred & Harrison: 8 years.

My responsibilities: I am responsible for ensuring any day to day IT issues are resolved for our clients. The job is really all about problem solving. Every case is difficult. Some can be resolved simply by doing things such as power checks, whereas others will require our detailed knowledge of the software being used and potential areas where they may fail. There is always a procedure to follow in terms of finding the fault and a solution as quickly as possible. Businesses can’t afford to have their systems down, so they look to us to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

What I do away from work: I enjoy playing music, on many different instruments. I enjoy cycling, films, comics and going out and socialising also.

Why I like working here: I enjoy the fact that job is all about problem solving. I also like being part of a tight-knit team. We have busy jobs and lots of responsibility on our shoulders, but we have fun at the same time, and that is important.

From our initial inception of what we wanted we can now finally see an end product and feedback from all is very positive. It has met our expectations in what we want it to do but has also exceeded them with regards to the additional things we can do.